Two years anniversary for Jasper

my cat
my cat
Jasper First Day

Jasper is a shy and sensitive boy. When he just arrived at my house, he was very alert, he just stayed under the bed in the day time, and came out at night, sometimes going to garage to catch the mice. He only liked canned food and snacks. In the very beginning, I thought that we can use snacks to replace cat food. Later we have to force him to eat cat food

Jasper Visit Friend House

When my family travelled, we would drop him off at a family friends house, it was like he also took a vacation. When I put him inside the car, he liked to watch the cars and traffic lights.

Jasper Play

Gradually he was getting used to staying at home, he is the most disciplined member in the house, he remembers when It is time for his canned food, dinner time for shrimp and night time snack. After everything, he is ready to sleep. He sleeps with us every day.

Jasper Sleep

He enjoys the sunshine, likes to watch rabbits outside and cars passing by. Recently we have to stay at home for quarantine. He is very happy since there is always people around him, however, we are being very careful and protecting him since he is our family member.